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"This book is a must have for any business dealing with the public." --Retailing Insight


     Dealing with customers isn't always easy. But knowing the right words can make all the difference.

     Customers aren't always right. And they're not always pleasant. Sometimes they can be rude, combative, or downright obnoxious. Yet, there are also times when it's not the customer who behaves badly. If you inadvertently say or do something that causes a customer to become upset or angry, knowing how to turn the conversation around can salvage the interaction. 

     Covering 30 challenging customer behaviors and 20 tough employee-caused situations, PPforECS shows you how to incorporate language that communicates courtesy, warmth, receptiveness, rapport, enthusiasm, assurance, regret, empathy, and appreciation into your daily routine. The book contains over 700 phrases and scripts that have been proven to diffuse even the most difficult exhanges you may face as a customer service professional. 

     This book focuses on two critical components of service: the value of using proven "powerful" phrases, and backing up your words with appropriate actions. You'll learn 6 steps to interact successfully with your customers, as well as how to identify specific behaviors and situations and pair them with corresponding approaches. 

     You'll also learn how to effectively engage with customers who post comments, complaints, or compliments on social media sites.