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"Her book offers readers great tips for handling difficult personalities using specific verbal and nonverbal communication in combination with a five-step conflict-resolution formula."  Retailing Insight


     It's not the work that's so hard--it's the people. The micromanaging control freak. The boss who takes credit for everything. The lazy coworker, or the coworker who bullies. 

     There's no escaping problematic personalities. And there's no point in letting tensions simmer. Instead, learn to build positive, productive relationships with everyone in your workplace. 

This book is an all-in-one trouble-shooting guide for any kind conflict with your boss or coworkers. Organized for quick look up, the book helps you identify situations that push your emotional buttons. It offers powerful tools for defusing potentially explosive situations, including:

     325 phrases that lead to constructive conflict resolution conversations

     20 challenging coworker behaviors, with specific phrases and actions for dealing with each

     10 difficult boss personality types, wiht guidelines for working through problems

     Tips for recovering from blunders you many have caused

     A 5-step process for turning bad situations into positive ones

     Nonverbal communication skills to back up your words

     "I" phrases, phrases of apology, phrases of compromise, and other useful words for building relationships