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"...rule book providing winning game plans for exceptional customer service... it will raise the bar of excellence you want to be known for."--Training Media Review

Filled with step-by-step, interactive lessons that can be adapted for any business and for learners of any experience level, CST101 gives you proven, practical techniques for addressing important customer service topics, enabling your employees to:

****New in the 3rd Edition: Extensive coverage of social media customer service with a strong focus on written communication****

Project a positive attitude and make a great first impression

Communicate effectively, both verbally and nonverbally

Build dynamic relationships by developing trust, establishing rapport, and making customers feel valued

Handle "difficult" customers professionally, creating positive outcomes

Interact effectively in person, on the phone, through online, social media, and self-serve situations 

Good customer service is a given for any company that wants to survive in an ultra-competitive environment. The truly dominant companies in any industry have taken their customer service to new heights, providing exceptional experiences that build loyalty, create long-lasting relationships, and generate unparalleled word-of-mouth marketing. CST101 shows you how to equip your team with the powerful techniques to make your company successful.