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101 quick and effective tips to help you: plan and set goals, communicate well, lead positively, give and receive feedback effectively, develop a cohesive team,  adapt to change, and more! This is a great reference book to help you be your best. 

This book is filled with quick tips to get you up to speed. Includes helpful tips on: courtesies, ethics, attitude, appearance, communicating, listening, handling objections, handling difficult customers, and more! 

Filled with quick tips to help you teach your employees to consistently provide quality service that builds strong bonds with customers. Includes: leadership, mission and goals, communication, motivating to develop high performers, and more!

I offer freelance services that range from working with you to create your customer training course, writing the actual course content, editing your writing, serving as a subject matter expert, mentoring... you name it, I am happy to help in whatever capacity you need. Call me to discuss your project and let me take the stress and guesswork out of your project. I have worked with both companies and colleges to create customized content. 

Also available, self-help booklets that are packed full of tips and helpful advice. Titles include:

     The Importance of Appearance, Attitude,                       and Actions at Work

      Be Your Best at Job Interviews

     Putting Your Best FACE Forward

     Handle Life's Curves: Become a Quick-                            CHANGE Artist

Don't be fooled by the word "booklet." These "booklets" are jam-packed  with useful material and are good for new employees, meetings, training, and for personal use to improve  and develop your skills.

$6.00 each, shipping included. Call Renee to order.